Hip Surgery in Jacksonville

The doctors at Coastal Orthopedic Associates are experts in the types of hip surgeries available as well as which to use for your specific case. A normal hip joint has a cushioning surface that helps the bones glide without friction or pain. As you age, your hip joint experiences a collective wear and tear absorbed by the cartilage lining. Once the thigh bone (femur) begins to rub against the pelvis, inflammation can lead to increased discomfort, chronic hip pain and/or osteoarthritis.

When pain cannot be managed with non-surgical interventions, an orthopedic surgeon can best determine which hip surgery is indicated to include:

NOTE: Most hip pain can be managed using non-surgical treatments, such as pain medications, hot and cold treatments, weight reduction, physical therapy, cortisone injections or assistive walking devices.

If you have persistent hip pain, you can request an appointment online; or call our office at (904) 269-1930 to learn more about our minimally-invasive hip replacement surgery for partial or total hip replacement.

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