The knees are involved in most of our daily activities at work or play. They provide the stability and strength needed for walking, running, crouching and jumping, so it's no surprise that knee injuries and disorders are among the most common orthopedic problems. Knee cartilage, bony structures, muscles, ligaments and tendons are susceptible to traumatic injury and degenerative diseases, such as osteoarthritis. When icing, rest and anti-inflammatory medications fail to provide relief, knee surgery may be a viable option to reduce pain and restore any mechanical function that was lost. Schedule a consultation today with a Coastal Orthopedic Associates doctor.

Knee Injuries & Disorders

Fortunately, with millions of patients seeking treatment every year, major advancements in knee surgeries continue to occur that include:

  • osteochondral repair
  • partial knee resurfacing
  • knee cartilage repair
  • microfracture surgery
  • Carticel treatment

NOTE: Some knee problems result from injury, some from day-to-day wear and tear, and others from inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.

Knee Joint Arthroscopy

In today's active world, it is no surprise that knee arthroscopy has become one of the most common procedures performed by orthopedic surgeons. In fact, the knee is one of the best suited joints for an arthroscopic approach for examination, diagnosis and treatment. Although some corrective surgeries still require open joint surgery, many of the causes of knee pain can be effectively treated using a minimally-invasive surgical approach. Compared to traditional open joint knee surgery, the arthroscopic approach allows for a shorter hospital stay, quicker mobilization and faster overall recovery.

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